At Home








After Some of Our Improvements





The Newest addition to the yard is the Greenhouse.


I conceived this design while sitting in a coffee shop.

I only had an old envelope from some utility bill with me,

but that worked for coming up with the design and list of materials.


Here are some pics.


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The First Improvement was a Cedar Storage Shed


DSCN0107.JPG (961829 bytes)          DSCN0110.JPG (942949 bytes)          DSCN0115.JPG (968232 bytes)


DSCN0119.JPG (910417 bytes)          DSCN0129.JPG (824947 bytes)          DSCN0138.JPG (823530 bytes)



DSCN1956.JPG (321765 bytes)          DSCN1957.JPG (292610 bytes)          DSCN1958.JPG (287479 bytes)



A Few Pictures of Our New Chinese Gazebo


DSCN0156.JPG (838332 bytes)          DSCN0157.JPG (842131 bytes)          DSCN0158.JPG (925424 bytes)



DSCN0159.JPG (967236 bytes)          DSCN0160.JPG (954973 bytes)



Our Patio Cover


DSCN1953.JPG (284016 bytes)          DSCN1954.JPG (278166 bytes)          DSCN1955.JPG (270066 bytes)



Some Pictures of The New Walkway from


Our Circular Driveway to the Front Door


DSCN1949.JPG (245559 bytes)          Walkway2.JPG (239529 bytes)          Walkway3.JPG (241725 bytes)


Walkway4.JPG (252768 bytes)          Walkway5.JPG (250178 bytes)